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Get our Best Smart Security with Total Front Door Control.

Customized to your individual needs!

Our Total Front Door package comes with professional installation and lets you control a doorbell camera, smart lock, and garage door from anywhere using our 4.5-star Fluent Home app.

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Your needs depend on the size and location of your home or business, your budget and your personal preferences. Each one of our packages can be customized so you only get (and pay for) what’s important to you. Below you’ll find more information about the basic, and all other products that can be added to your system.

Secure Your Home

Protect your family and home 24 hours a day, every day. Keep your loved ones safe from fire, carbon monoxide, smoke and break-ins. With our personal emergency devices, ensure the safety of family members who are elderly or physically challenged. And finally, protect your property from floods or frozen pipes.

Lower Your Energy Bill

Make your home more comfortable, and save money doing it! Remotely monitor and adjust your home’s temperature, or schedule events and let your

It is vital to

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system take care of everything. With the touch of a button, you’ll be able to control lights, appliances and HVAC.


Get notified about unusual events- and be able to do something about them. Check who is ringing your doorbell, lock or unlock the door, and much more… Easily set schedules to arm your system, turn lights on or off at specific times… The possibilities are endless!

Part of a complete system

Protect what matters most with Fluent Smart Security

All packages include:

Build your own custom package today!

You get a system that’s customized to suit your home. Start with our most basic package and add as many bells and whistles as you want including cameras, door locks, video doorbell and more.

Smart Lighting

Smart Thermostat

Smart Locks

Indoor Camera

Video Doorbell

Outdoor Camera

Smart Garage Door

Smart Water Valve

Alexa Voice Control

Fluent Home App

Professional Installation

24/7 Monitoring

Call to learn more and customize your own Smart Home System

How to get started with a state of the art Fluent secured home automation system

1. Call for pricing

We’ll help you customize a home automation system to fit your lifestyle

2. Schedule your installation

We’ll send our certified technician to professionally install your new system

3. Download the app

Conveniently control your new system through our Fluent Smart Home App


Call us now, or fill out the form below and one of our specialists will call you within 24 business hours (all fields required).

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